Accounting refers to the process of keeping financial records pertaining to the business. It involves the process of recording, summarizing, analyzing, and reporting all the transactions.

Accounting is one of the key functions of all businesses. This key function is handled by an accountant in a small firm, or by a finance department with dozens of employees at larger companies.

The reports generated by various streams of accounting are useful for business decisions. These reports give detailed information about the financial status of the business.


1 Accounting services made easy

Accounting is one of the most important parts of a company without which the operations cannot be structured properly. Any kind of business entity is a startup or an existing one needs to have a channelized accounting system for consistent business growth. Accounting can be categorized into:

  •  Financial Accounting – This accounting format deals with the summary, analysis, preparation of financial statements, and reporting of financial transactions for a business.
  •  Management Accounting – This type of accounting helps in financial and non-financial decision making information to the managers of a company.
  •  Auditing – Audit is very important for an organization that scrutinizes the books, accounts, statutory records, documents, and vouchers for presenting a fair and true picture of the financial scenario of the company.
  •  Tax Accounting – Preparation of regular tax, sales tax and various other returns called tax accounting needs experts to execute it. This is a set of accounting principles that govern the taxes of a company which is enforced by the law and different from general accounting principles.
  •  Cost Accounting – Good cash flow management can improve a company’s liquidity. reduce costs and increase profitability. This is a procedure of allocating costs connected with a process and then developing various courses of action to control the costs.
  •  Payroll Services – Accounting services provide varying degrees of payroll services that include preparing payroll, calculating taxes and other withholding, and issuing checks. You can also outsource filing of payroll taxes, calculate and record deductions, or other employee benefits to Saif Auditing & Accountants.
  •  Statutory Compliances – Statutory compliances are very much needed for a company in terms of employees. Our accounting team is well versed with the compliances that a company has to follow in terms of tax deductions, minimum wages to be fixed, ESI Fund and PF Deductions, Professional Taxes, Gratuity, and other employee-related services.

2.Virtual Accounting – With the expansion of your business, the scope and value of your business are also likely to grow. Virtual accounting is one such accounting service that will help businesses deal better with their accounting services with the help of qualified accountants who will work remotely. Virtual accounting is flexible, efficient, and cost-effective.

3.Professional Accounting – For the accounting services to be executed and curated correctly you need a team of professional Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries who will become an integral part of the accounting body. We offer expertise in the areas of auditing, cash statements and management of financial statements, and more.

4.Tax Planning – The main purpose of tax planning is to ensure that there is proper tax efficiency. With proper tax planning, all financial activities will work in the most tax-effective way possible.

5.Consulting Services – When it comes to accounting consulting services, you will require nothing but the best services. Our staff will help you better analyze your financial information to make better business decisions. We’ll help you foresee the financial situation of your company.


If you’re running a business and want to concentrate on how to grow, but not able to concentrate on all the functioning of the company and finance, Outsourcing your Accounting Services to Saif Auditing & Accountants is the right choice.

For the profitable thriving of a company, it is best to outsource the accounting services. Saif Auditing & Accountants Corporate Solutions offers the best accounting services in Bangalore and across the globe which is proven, cost-effective, and quality-driven. Accounting is the bloodline for any business and the essence of decision making. At Saif Auditing & Accountants, we offer accounting services that are professionally delivered meeting every bit of the client requirement.

Our expert Tax consultants help in solving any issue related to tax compliances and payments which also includes the filing of returns. We help you analyze your spending and rebalance your budget or debts for an optimal cash flow support to your business success.


Consulting Services

Consulting services are advisory and other service activities include counsel, advice, facilitation, process design and limited training.We give you best consultation for your business


Due Diligence Services

Due diligence refers to the process of research and analysis that is done before an acquisition, investment, business partnership or bank loan in order to determine the value of the subject of the due diligence


Forensic Accounting Services

Forensic accounting can be compared to auditing; however, its main focus is to detect malicious fraud. Law enforcement agents often use this service when investigating financial related crimes.


Annual Audit Services

We provide the best audit services in the market. Our audit and assurance practice is the core of our services. We try our best for make your business successful


Audit & Assurance Services

The focus of the audit and assurance department is to provide you with a quality product that suits your needs, to provide helpful suggestions that improve your operations


Internal Audit Services

Internal audit functions that provide the greatest value to the CEO are those with a clear understanding of the value they can offer and have a vision to enhance that value